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Name: Tatiana, Queen of Life

Age: How old is the universe?

Physical Description: With skin as pale as Morena, the Queen who walks in shadow, Tatiana is reasonably tall – approximately 5'6" – when she stands with humans, but among fairies she is an impressive six inches high. Her hair is often compared by the more lyrical of her court to the flickering flames of the cotillion, sparkling with gold amongst burnished bronze and red and hanging in loose curls to her waist. There was a time when her eyes were said to sparkle emerald with the life of her court, to dance as exuberantly as she herself was wont to do when the occasion called, but of late they had not had that shine, merely the darkness of great power. In the days before the court of death, Tatiana was always seen in bright colours – red and yellows, oranges and greens, but since then she has only ever worn black dresses of raven feathers threaded with dark green stems as a sign of mourning for her sister. As all the fairy queens, with the exception of Vespera, she walks this Earth barefoot. Her wings are, as all the wings of life fairies are, like those of a butterfly. They are silver, and lightly veined as a leaf might be and when the light shines through them everything it touches seems almost to glimmer.

Tatiana's Story: Tatiana is the fairy Queen of Life, one of the four pillars of existence within this universe. The others include the sisters Morena and Vespera Queens of Dark and Light respectively as well as Tatiana's sister Latanya. Their stories are greatly mixed and to understand Tatiana, the others must be understood equally.
Latanya was the Queen of Love and hers was the most accepting and joyous of all fairy courts. This also made it the most vulnerable, something Vespera (eternally power hungry) decided to exploit. She and the Court of Light stormed Latanya's Court who found themselves unable to fight back against the greater strength and numbers the Queen of Light had brought. Vespera, knowing better than to kill a fairy queen, stood back and laughed as Latanya's wings shrivelled away – once glorious and feathered they were now no more than shadow and vapour. The Court of Love died that day, and Latanya became the newly crowned Queen of Death.
Tatiana, blinded by rage, sought to fight with Vespera, to equalise for the great loss of Latanya's court. She met with Vespera in an isolated place where they fought, a battle that finally ended when Tatiana tore the wings from Vespera's back with her bare hands. Weakened, Vespera was banished from the surface of the Earth by Tatiana, forever to live as stars in the night sky along with the rest of her court.
Shortly thereafter, the humans of this world struck a deal with Tatiana and Morena – a sacrifice of sorts. In order to survive, the Court of Darkness requires access to the darker parts of human nature – something that is easily found in the memories of men. In an attempt to control her court, these men, soon to be known as wizards, made a magically binding treaty that gave Morena the right to their memories until the day they gained their power – something Tatiana was able to bestow upon them.
Only Morena was not to be controlled by the treaty. She thrived in the darkest of places, stealing memories that the treaty forbade her from touching. Centuries passed and the guild of Wizards, a secret organisation, flourished as the remainder of the world forgot about magic. Then Lionel was born. He grew, a promising young wizard whose early life was marked by the tragedy of his mothers death. He found the existence of the fairies age six, and all his memories of the days before then were taken as was the law of the treaty. He grew into his powers, always regretting the woman he could not remember, and found himself to be in love with a fairy queen – a fairy queen who felt the same way.
They were married and a daughter was born, named Rose. She grew to fall in love with a human, a man with no magical inheritance, and asked her parents to separate the part of her that was a fairy from the part of her that was a human, leaving her with no memory of the days she spent in Tatiana's court.
Tatiana, still hurt from the change in a sister who did not speak with her even centuries later, broke the day that Lionel sided with their daughter. She complied with Rose's wish and they were both banished from the court.

Personality: In public she has reverted to the traditions of old – she is cold, unapproachable and more formal than even Vespera, often not rising from her throne for weeks at an end. Not many know what she is thinking, for the mask that covers her emotions is one she is well used to employing, but she feels everything just as, if not more, keenly than other fairies and certainly to a greater degree than humans.
Her moods are feared even by her closest advisors, and she has none left she will call friends as she has forsaken the trust of others. She has come to the conclusion that the only person in this world or in any other, that can truly be relied upon is herself. The only person she seems to care about is the remains of the magical side of her daughter – this part of Rose is sickly, kept alive only by Tatiana's power and the queen is fiercely protective of her.

Abilities: Tatiana, as Queen of Life, as magic very much rooted in living beings – plants and animals alike, all though there are some forms of magic more powerful than others. She can perform various spells with certain flowers, every single one of which has a specific meaning and symbolism. The most powerful and the most difficult of all her magic is blood magic. While she does not have the power to bring back the dead, at least not without the co-operation of Latanya, she does have the power to extend life, to cure the fatally ill or wounded, to create life where before there was none. Before the court of death she was easily the most powerful of the four queens, but Latanya's ascension coupled with the emotional trauma she has suffered now makes her the weakest.  She is, as all fairies are, invisible to those without any magical potential unless she wishes it otherwise. In order for them to see her she must be actively thinking about it at the time.

Chosen by: The Book

Gift: Page
Character sheet for #TBOS-OCT check it out :)

Quick notes:

Her age: No one knows. Not even she or the other three queens - they've lived so long time has little matter.
The world: It's like Earth, only there is a secret magical community. The Wizards have spent centuries hiding the fact that they exist from the general world. The only major difference that a normal person might notice between this world and ours (to start with) is that there are far more stars in the sky.

Tatiana's power, while the strongest of the four courts, is mostly limited by the time it takes for her to use the stronger sides of it. While she can induce growth in living plants in mere seconds, everything else takes her quite a while.

She can use resources from nature, such as plants, in order to achieve certain types of magic. I use this list [link] to get some idea of the sort of plants she might use for different things. She can also use things from animals. One of the most complex spells she casts in her original story requires a drop of her own blood, a vial of her sisters tears, a strand of Morena's hair and a shred of Vespera's wing just to give some indication of her materials. Really she's not fussy so long as the job gets done.

For clarification: Tatiana and Vespera are NOT sisters. Vespera is Morena's sister and Tatiana is Latanya's sister, but Vespera and Tatiana are not related.

Close up of the preview image may be seen here: [link]

Not too happy with the shape of the head on the picture - it's too wide, nowhere near as haughty as I picture her either.


:bulletred: Does she appreciate music?
I'd say that depends upon the music.

She hates folk music as that's all she's been able to listen to for about twenty years, but she's more appreciative of romantic orchestral pieces. In the case of modern music she hates the majority of it but has a decided soft spot for Phil Collins. :paranoid: Yes, my fairy likes Phil Collins.
DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Q: How old is she?
A: How old is the Universe?

Q: Which universe, per se?

:P Regardless, all quite interesting. _^ How would Life deal with meeting an Undead? And good luck.
xTalithax Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
1st two: No one knows. Not even she or the other three queens - they've lived so long time has little matter :D

3rd: It's like Earth, only there is a secret magical community. The Wizards have spent centuries hiding the fact that they exist from the general world. The only major difference that a normal person might notice between this world and ours (to start with) is that there are far more stars in the sky.
DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner May 10, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
:D I seeeee.
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