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Name: Vespera, Queen of Light

Age: How old is the universe?

Physical Description: Tanned and with dark brown hair, Vespera stands at 5'7" among humans and 6.2 inches among fairies. Her hair is worn in a plain ponytail for the simple reason that first time she tested the wings she had built it was caught rather painfully. Her clothes are all made from the scraps of fabric and leather Morena provided her court with, as well as metal left over from building the ship. Around her neck she wears a circular glass pendant in place of a court symbol – neither the courts of light or dark have symbols.

Vespera's Story: Vespera is the fairy Queen of Light, one of the four pillars of existence within this universe. The others include the sisters Tatiana and Latanya Queens of Life and  Death respectively as well as Vespera's sister Morena, Queen of the Dark. Their stories are greatly mixed and to understand any one of them, the others must be understood equally.
Latanya was the Queen of Love and hers was the most accepting and joyous of all fairy courts. This also made it the most vulnerable, something Vespera (eternally power hungry) decided to exploit. She and the Court of Light stormed Latanya's Court who found themselves unable to fight back against the greater strength and numbers the Queen of Light had brought. Vespera, knowing better than to kill a fairy queen, stood back and laughed as Latanya's wings shrivelled away – once glorious and feathered they were now no more than shadow and vapour. The Court of Love died that day, and Latanya became the newly crowned Queen of Death.
Tatiana, blinded by rage, sought to fight with Vespera, to equalise for the great loss of Latanya's court. She met with Vespera in an isolated place where they fought, a battle that finally ended when Tatiana tore the wings from Vespera's back with her bare hands. Weakened, Vespera was banished from the surface of the Earth by Tatiana, forever to live as stars in the night sky along with the rest of her court.
With the aid, and materials, brought to her by Morena who can exist anywhere there is an absence of light, Vespera was able to build a ship and collect her court, preparing for the day when she would storm the Earth and reclaim her position and her right as Queen of Light.

Personality: Vespera is the most forceful of the fairy queens. Her presence is commanding and those who do not do as she asks the first time never fail to the second time. The entirety of her court lives in fear of their Queen who, angered by having to look at their wings every day once their ship was built, tore the wings from her back so they could suffer as she did. She is uncompromising and brutal in every way, determined to get her way or die trying.

Abilities:  Her magic stems from light of any kind, be it natural or manufactured – anywhere there is light she may exist, anywhere there is an absence of light she may not. It is incredibly difficult to contain her for she may pass from one light to the next as easily as a human might walk from one paving stone to the adjacent one. The only person who has ever done this successfully is Tatiana when she exiled Vespera and her court to live in the night sky, but even that magic weakened over time and was eventually broken by Vespera. Coupled with her light magic is an ability to generate heat in the form of fire which she can use offensively in attacks. This was a problem with Vespera's court when they roamed the Earth unchecked - they would leave great swathes of land burnt in their wake. Light has a regenerative effect upon her body, although this is more noticable with natural light. She is, as all fairies are, invisible to those without any magical
potential unless she wishes it otherwise. In order for them to see her
she must be actively thinking about it at the time.

Chosen by: Lady Ink

Gift: N/A
Character sheet for #TBOS-OCT

Her age: No one knows. Not even she or the other three queens - they've lived so long time has little matter.
The world: It's like Earth, only there is a secret magical community. The Wizards have spent centuries hiding the fact that they exist from the general world. The only major difference that a normal person might notice between this world and ours (to start with) is that there are far more stars in the sky.

Vespera, as the queen of light, draws her power from light. While she can create fire instantly and with little effort, she cannot then use the energy from this fire in order to cast her spells. For that she must use light from the surroundings, be that a natural flame, an artificial light or simply daylight.

For clarification: Tatiana and Vespera are NOT sisters. Vespera is Morena's sister and Tatiana is Latanya's sister, but Vespera and Tatiana are not related.

Close up of the preview image may be seen here: [link]
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Oreramar Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011   Digital Artist
Invisible to those without magical potential...

Now this could be interesting. My OC, Jaya, can manipulate metal, and therefore you could say that she has a form of magic. However, it's regarded as more natural than mystical. Perhaps this could make her unable to see your fairies on her own. Perhaps not. It's something to play with a bit.
xTalithax Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Could be interesting for certain :) I guess it's really dependent on where the ability counts as magic and how that affects T&V's power.
Oreramar Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2011   Digital Artist
It sort of raises a question in my mind of just what can be considered 'magic.' The Force, for instance, is certainly mystical, but is partially explained by midichlorians, which are definitely scientific.
All this grayscale to play in!
xTalithax Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
I refuse to believe in Midichlorians . They irritate me.

And really, as far as the powers go - if you can convince me they can do it, have fun. I haven't really set any proper boundaries on their powers outside the few mentioned :)
DarthVengeance0325 Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Light, with a dark and forceful personality.

xTalithax Featured By Owner May 9, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Why thank you :)
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